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  • proper n. One of the Adityas, a god of wealth and marriage in Hinduism. In the Rigveda Bhaga is the god who supervises the distribution of goods and destiny to each man corresponding to his merits.


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From Sanskrit भग (bhága).


  • a name it is well known, and when thus called Bhaga is still the giver, 'the bestower' _ (vidhart [= á]) _.

    The Religions of India Handbooks on the History of Religions, Volume 1, Edited by Morris Jastrow

  • If we proceed further, and inquire after the ancestral form of these epithets, -- so strangely incongruous in their significations, -- we shall find it in the Old Aryan "Bhaga," which reappears unchanged in the Sanskrit of the Vedas, and has left a memento of itself in the surname of the Phrygian Zeus "Bagaios."

    Myths and Myth-makers: Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology

  • That takes me back, Khademul, to many long hot evenings at the Bhaga club during the last World Cup.2nd over: Pakistan 7-1 Mohammad Hafeez 7, Azhar Ali 0 Azhar is the new man in, but Hafeez is on strike for Broad's first over.

    Pakistan v England – day one live! | Andy Bull and Rob Smyth

  • “Baghdad” is actually a Sanskrit name, “Bhaga + dada,” meaning “Gift of God.”

    The Kalachakra Presentation of the Prophets of the Non-Indic Invaders (Full Analysis)

  • On the excellent bridle-track cut on the face of the precipices which overhang the Bhaga, there is in nine miles only one spot in which it is possible to pitch a five-foot tent, and at

    Among the Tibetans

  • At Kolang, the next hamlet, where the thunder of the Bhaga was almost intolerable, Hara

    Among the Tibetans

  • Lahul, with his son and nephew and a large retinue, called on me; and the next morning Mr. — and I went by invitation to visit him in his castle, a magnificently situated building on a rocky spur 1,000 feet above the camping-ground, attained by a difficult climb, and nearly on a level with the glittering glaciers and ice-falls on the other side of the Bhaga.

    Among the Tibetans

  • So late as August, when I crossed, there were four perfect snow bridges over the Bhaga, and snowfields thirty-six feet deep along its margin.

    Among the Tibetans

  • Kylang, the most important in Lahul as the centre of trade, government, and Christian missions, hangs on ledges of the mountain-side 1,000 feet above Bhaga, whose furious course can be traced far down the valley by flashes of sunlit foam.

    Among the Tibetans

  • The track, scaffolded or blasted out of the rock at a height of from 1,000 to 3,000 feet above the thundering Bhaga, is scarcely a rifle-shot from the mountain mass dividing it from the

    Among the Tibetans


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