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  • To strike with a sharp blow, as of the fist.
  • n. A brief, sharp sound, as of a blow with the fist.

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  • n. (boxing) a blow with the fist
  • v. strike, usually with the fist


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  • Biff is a good guy, he's fiercely loyal to his best pal Joshua bar Joseph


  • Luckily Biff is a whiz at lying and cheating -- which helps get his divine pal and him out of more than one jam.

    Lamb: Summary and book reviews of Lamb by Christopher Moore.

  • And while Josh's great deeds and mission of peace will ultimately change the world, Biff is no slouch himself, blessing humanity with enduring contributions of his own, like sarcasm and café latte.

    Lamb: Summary and book reviews of Lamb by Christopher Moore.

  • That's why the angel Raziel has resurrected Biff from the dust of Jerusalem and brought him to America to write a new gospel, one that tells the real, untold story.

    Lamb: Summary and book reviews of Lamb by Christopher Moore.

  • Biff is back: Dave Letterman again has sent his stage manager, Biff Henderson, out to the ballpark for some really special insights into the World Series.

    Yanks may remain anchored to the Bronx

  • From the selection of Scandinavian open-faced sandwiches I ordered a "Biff" -- rare roast beef slices topped with "agurkasalat" (Swedish cucumber salad) and homemade mustard sauce.

    Chicago Reader

  • In some very satisfying scenes, O'Donnell befriends his socially awkward son, confronts the "Biff" - type bully in a cafeteria speech that points out all the psychological reasons why this kid is so messed up and fights the same bully, who turns out to be his daughter's boyfriend, over a basket of condoms and a rousing pro-abstinence speech. RSS feed

  • Biff is the perfect foil for the world’s only perfect person, and the notions expressed – What if Jesus studied Buddhism?

    Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

  • As the best friend of Joshua (Jesus), Levi (more commonly called Biff) has been resurrected during modern times and spirited away to a hotel room where an angel forces him to write his gospel.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • Back at the offices of Arnet, Davis and Newlove, the architect pulls out blueprints for a coffee shop called Biff's that was built in Oakland you can see one of the original presentation drawings above.

    NPR Topics: News


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