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  • proper n. A fictional fat boy with round spectacles in Charles Hamilton's stories set at Greyfriars School.
  • n. A fat boy
  • n. A punter (in a betting shop etc.).


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  • But you won't find Enid Blyton's schoolgirls tucking into sticky toffee pud after lights out, or Billy Bunter scoffing the stuff from his tuck box, because, as every food nerd will tell you, it was invented in the 1970s by Francis Coulson of the Lake District's Sharrow Bay Hotel.

    How to cook perfect sticky toffee pudding

  • Nonetheless, Dad became a voracious reader, zipping his way from Billy Bunter and John Buchan to Dostoyevsky and DH Lawrence.

    My dad, the revolutionary disciple of indie rock

  • I know this from my own reading of the books and the Billy Bunter and Lone Pine books, all those years ago: they were nothing like the schools I attended or the holidays of my childhood any more than Hogwarts has any comparison to a modern comprehensive.

    The Best of Jennings

  • For those who might be familiar with the boys' adventure stories of the early 1900's, those "ripping yarns", the name of Lord Peter Wimsey's valet - Bunter - should bring to mind Billy Bunter, the overweight schoolboy always getting into a jam at the Greyfriar's school in the stories by Frank Richards aka Charles Hamilton.


  • Billy Bunter, Mervyn Bunter, and his younger, un-named, brother are likely cousins, a familial connection no closer than that.


  • And he clearly craves a return to the days of Billy Bunter, with Latin parsing, blazers, ties, prefects and, no doubt, shield-shaped lunch monitor badges.

    David Cameron welcomes Ed Miliband back with a baby gift and an insult

  • We also found out that Frank Richards, the gambling addict who wrote the Billy Bunter schoolboy books, had gotten into an ill-advised public spat with George Orwell when Orwell had written a critique of the Billy Bunter books saying they were racist, imperialistic, treated all foreigners and minorities as figures of fun, and made all these other fairly accurate observations about the Billy Bunter books.

    Legendary Comics Writer Alan Moore on Superheroes, The League, and Making Magic

  • He used a variety of pen-names, generally using a different name for each set of characters he wrote about, the most famous being Frank Richards for Greyfriars School stories featuring Billy Bunter.

    Archive 2009-05-10

  • BBC correspondent and Billy Bunter look-a-like Mark Mardell thrills that " supporters of the scheme would like to see national bodies like the UK's Financial Services Authority made subordinate to the new institution and adds that Prime Minister Gordon Brown has relaxed his previous opposition to tighter regulation at a European level."

    Archive 2009-02-25

  • Which in turn produced a reaction or deconstruction, which included benign examples like Charles Hamilton's Billy Bunter, who was the fat kid at his school, through the Molesworth books, to Harry Flashman, and then to outright demolitions like George Orwell's Such, Such Were the Joys.



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