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  • There are Binomial [n,2] possible two-element subsets of n objects — the number of different arcs available for each side of a form with n connection points.

    Wolfram Blog : Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity

  • The court was fooled and got the “larger sample size” issue backwards. run Binomial distribution where P = .97

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The “Racist” Charge

  • We had only gone as far as Permutations, Combinations and the Binomial Theorem.

    The First World War Memoirs of Sampson J. Goodfellow: Part 1

  • Binomial trades are everywhere as betting on either/or outcomes has its own appeal in these complicated times.

    Black Dogs Don't Play Dead

  • And when I did perform the appropriate Binomial Statistical calculations, the results I got for the outcome of the Obama-Clinton contest were absolutely stunning – perhaps they will stand as the all-time record for the degree of “statistical impossibility” of any putatively accidental election anomaly!

    Was the New Hampshire Primary Stolen on Behalf of Hillary?

  • Neither did the anomalous result in New Hampshire that was almost certainly hacked by Republican covert operatives according to Bill Maher and David Griscom, author of Binomial analysis: Was the New Hampshire Primary Stolen on Behalf of Hillary?

    Michael Carmichael: The Political Titanic

  • If you will consult your copy of White's 'The Elements of Binomial Nomenclature' you will recall that it is customary to italicize (or underline, etc) genus and species names and to begin the genus name with an uppercase letter, as in 'Homo sappypants' and 'Flopsy mopsyensis', for example (just pretend they're in italics, please).

    Uncommon Valor: Protecting Humanity for Flock's Sake

  • The example that Taleb refers to is a coin flipping sequence that is actually a "Binomial Distribution" that does indeed converge to a good replica of the Gaussian, but that has little to do with the Central Limit Theorem.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • A linear transformation would imply that the resulting T would have a Poisson distribution when it actually has a Binomial distribution.

    Log-Normality in Gotland « Climate Audit

  • It would require some complicated nonlinear transformation to convert an incoming Poisson distribution to an output Binomial distribution.

    Log-Normality in Gotland « Climate Audit


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