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  • proper n. Blogs, collectively.


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  • If I want to read right-wing drivel, Right Blogistan is always just a few keystrokes away.

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  • I have to assume (though I have not yet taken time to check) that Right Blogistan is beginning to latch on to John Kerry's use of the phrase "global test" when speaking of the right of the President to launch preemptive military action to protect the United States.


  • It's been a strange week here in Blogistan, what with several well-known bloggers abruptly going on hiatus or just plain calling it quits, and the flood of news coverage on Reagan's funeral blocking out most of the other news.

    June 2004

  • Congratulations: -) Considering how much wankery and hot air there is in Blogistan, it's nice to see it do something useful too.

    Deutschgate in the Media

  • Woke at the ungodly 05:00 to the shadow of tree branches waving on the bedroom curtains and a story title clear and pin-sharp in my head: Down and Out in Blogistan, which is too cool to ignore.

    whatever could it mean?

  • UPDATE: Lots of “Holy Shits!” being dropped in Left Blogistan today over this — glad I went with “smokes” instead.

    Arlen Specter, Holy Smokes! « Gerry Canavan

  • If not, are you folks really not aware that most of the space-related parts of Blogistan are inhabited by people totally convinced that the best cure for the nation's aerospace ills is to complete the task so well begun by immediately laying off 90% of the NASA employees who have so far evaded firing, layoffs, and RIFFs?

    NASA Workforce Issues - The Crisis is Here - NASA Watch

  • I'm sure if I went looking around Blogistan folks would be, and rightfully so for once (even a broke clock is right twice a day), screaming over this.

    New Star Trek XI Stills Released

  • Yet the fervor with which Right Blogistan has adopted the cause would make you think that it was an existential issue.

    Waldo Jaquith - Goode gets caught telling a tall China oil-drilling tale.

  • You see, Oyster sees this as the right time to "hammer" Edwards while he is politically vulnerable ... in much the same way he criticizes Left Blogistan of doing to Obama before the Iowa Caucus.

    Your Right Hand Thief


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