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  • proper noun literally The corpse or resurrected body of Jesus Christ.
  • proper noun figuratively The bread of the eucharist.
  • proper noun figuratively A title describing, as a whole group, all believers in Jesus Christ.


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body + of + Christ


  • A few months ago a friend sent me an article entitled "The Eucharist in the West" by the Irish Jesuit Michael McGuckian (New Blackfriars, March 2007), which also draws on De Lubac's work which had showed that prior to 1050 the term Body of Christ had referred to the Church and that the Eucharist had been referred to as the Mystical Body, but that that after this the Eucharist became the Body of Christ and the Church came to be referred to as the Mystical Body.


  • So the Body of Christ, which is to say everyone, the deeply personal “I,” is deserving of support, sustenance, and care.

    On hoping that there’s still a little bit of Don Quixote within. | Mind on Fire

  • You also have needs that God wants to support and dysfunctions and pain that God wants to heal as you interact with other members of this supernatural community called the Body of Christ.

    Living on the Edge

  • And the common life of the Body of Christ, which is discussed in this chapter of Ephesians, is clearly manifest in the unity of our hope.

    Germany - 'One Church, One Hope' - Freiburg Lecture

  • The ancient liturgical churches, both Roman and Orthodox, view the Church as the Body of Christ, that is all believers living and dead.

    Patron Saint of Bloggers | Mind on Fire

  • We will, in fact, join ourselves to the Body of Christ, which is the whole Christian church.

    trinityboy Diary Entry

  • For Luther, the induction into a living membership of the Body of Christ is a matter of embarking on the disruptive and self-questioning path that strips us of confidence in our own ability to heal our wounds or make our peace with God.

    Ramsey Lecture - Durham - 'The Lutheran Catholic'

  • As such, following through the logic of Ramsey's whole scheme, it does not happen outside the Body of Christ, which is, as GCC puts it, the 'expression' here and now of the paschal event of death and resurrection.

    Addresses given to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Michael Ramsey: I. Theology in the Face of Christ

  • The Poverello of Assisi had understood that every charism given by the Holy Spirit is placed at the service of the Body of Christ, which is the Church; hence, he always acted in full communion with the ecclesiastical authority.

    Latest Articles

  • The bread we share is the bread of life which is the Body of Christ, and it is no co incidence that the term 'Body of Christ' therefore is used for both the Church and the Eucharist.

    Standing on My Head


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