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  • proper n. A form or mode of syllogism in which the first and third propositions are universal affirmatives and the third a particular negative.


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From a mediaeval mnemonic chant.


  • It's a bit of inside baseball, but Bokardo is a blog devoted to what web designer Joshua Porter calls "social design."

    Hyper local

  • Josh Porter at Bokardo had a great post on interface (he has many) … but immediate and simple and everything right there as soon as you interface.

    Do Facebook Vanity URLs Equal Kill Twitter Vol. 2?

  • Pingback from Personas and the Advantage of Designing for Yourself - Bokardo on February 2, 2008 at 5: 00 pm

    inkblurt · Personas: less method, more mindset

  • Too many anecdotes, not enough data - Bokardo Says:

    The plural of anecdote is not data

  • Bokardo has a good 101 on news filtering services that (Kevin The Filter Guru Burton linked to) in a very interesting Post Grazing, Relevance, Clustering: Even Jessica was down with it, having a break in Paris instead of Hawaii for a change.

    Jessica Alba Says Its All About Post Grazing, Relevance, Clustering

  • Globally it will be interesting how these services can be applied (in a "personalised" way) to other file formats such as Podcasts, YouTube videos etc. Bokardo:

    Jessica Alba Says Its All About Post Grazing, Relevance, Clustering

  • There are two moods, Baroko and Bokardo, which cannot be reduced ostensively except by the employment of some of the means last mentioned.

    Deductive Logic

  • Some B is C.. '. some C is not A. (6) Exclusion of the first from part of a term which is wholly included in the second (Bokardo).

    Deductive Logic

  • Datisi, Felapton, Bokardo and Ferison, which are simply repeated by the indirect moods, except in the case of Darapti, which yields a conclusion not provided for in the mnemonic lines.

    Deductive Logic

  • The reason why Baroko and Bokardo cannot be reduced ostensively by the aid of mere conversion becomes plain on an inspection of them.

    Deductive Logic


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