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  • n. Plural form of Bonesman.


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  • Al estar en una universidad de élite, y con ese obligatorio voto de silencio, Skull and Bones se convirtió en un espacio de socialización en el que se establecían relaciones que duraban para toda la vida, y que influían en la vida política y económica norteamericana, pues al salir de Yale los "Bonesmen", se integraban rápidamente a las altas esferas del gobierno y la iniciativa privada.

    Ger��nimo, Skull and Bones y la cabeza de Francisco Villa

  • Members, known as "Bonesmen," include Rockefeller, Kuhn, Loeb and Morgan all connected to the

  • According to most of the available biographical data on its early members, the money required to sustain the secret order's campus affairs and its broader role in placing its members into key positions of influence upon their graduation from Yale was derived from the opium trade in the Members, known as "Bonesmen," include Rockefeller, Kuhn, Loeb and Morgan all connected to the House of Rothschild's global financial empire.


  • Not only that, but the book has the names and photographs of about 50 Bonesmen in it, including Taft.

    Secret Society My Ass | Manolith

  • Since I don't see the point in male naked mud wrestling I conclude that the Bonesmen really must have thought Matt Damon was a chick.

    Reviews Too Late: The Good Shepherd

  • As a famous alumnus of the Yale secretive society Skull and Bones Dubya's grandpa gained notoriety for being one of the Bonesmen who raided the grave of Indian warrior Geronimo and took his skull as a trophy.

    Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt. 4b)

  • Jr. and grandfather Prescott Bush, were all Bonesmen.

    "Bones" in the Money Pit

  • Consumption at the current rate would require five planets, and the Bonesmen only have one.

    Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone

  • Warren Buffet and Marketwatch believe if the U.S. defaults on that debt, the loss to the Bonesmen and their derivatives wouldn\'t be $4.2 trillion or even $180 million, but about $500 trillion -- money created out of thin air to pay for our consumer society. '

    Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone

  • Those trees we chopped, mountains we blew up to get the metals inside, and the precious water we consumed all belonged to the Bonesmen at one time.

    Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone


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