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  • Then European Commission President Jacques Delors openly backed a united Germany and wanted payback in the form of Bonn's promise to speed more integration.

    Don't Forget Lessons of 1990

  • Without more fundamental change, from government-funded day care to general cultural attitudes, Kinderunfreundlichkeit will continue to shape even such things as this real-estate ad in Bonn's local newspaper: "Available: two-bedroom apartment with spare room suitable for children or dog."

    Be Kinder To Your 'Kinder'

  • Bonn's relations with Israel could suffer if Germany decides to let the Jews stay.

    Germany: No Thanks For The Memories

  • Ever since 1990, when Chancellor Helmut Kohl sought to stem the flood of refugees from East Germany by letting them trade their communist funny money for rock-solid Deutsche marks at a bargain rate, Bundesbank officials have warned that Bonn's generosity would overheat the economy.

    Europe In Pieces

  • The tax hikes will help meet some of the increased costs, although another recently floated German idea for raising money to help the east - trimming Bonn's contribution to the U.S. effort in the gulf - might estrange Kohl further from his allies.

    'Why Don't They Share?'

  • They are certainly critical of the new NATO-built neocolony known as West Germany, and they are critical of that entity from a leftist perspective that saw the Christian Democrats as more Nazi than Democrat and began to see Bonn's Social-Democratic Party (SPD) as a political successor to the party that sucked the life out of the 1918 German revolution.

    No Colors Anymore...The Sixties Painted Black

  • The German government has been obliged to reassure immigrants nervous over mounting xenophobic violence-and Europeans uneasy over Bonn's first tentative efforts at greater diplomatic influence.

    Screening Out The Dark Past

  • "Prohibition didn't cut the number of alcoholics -- and lifting it didn't increase them," says Bonn's Police Chief Dierk-Henning Schnitzler.

    Europe Just Says Maybe

  • 'Herr Ludwig van Beethoven plays clavier concertos' is the extent of the entry on the young man who was to become Bonn's and perhaps Germany's most celebrated citizen.

    Beethoven and the Big Change

  • The Netherlands is holding talks with Germany over Bonn's decision to block a proposed Dutch sale of 50-German made tanks to

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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