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  • One July day, a perfumer called Borachio was burning dried lavender in

    Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

  • Theobald proposes to substitute 'Borachio' for 'Claudio' in the line just quoted.

    More Pages from a Journal

  • A minor character, Borachio, comes up with the plan.


  • Hell, I'll write a story where Iago, Borachio, and the other villains from the Italian plays are part of a family.


  • Meanwhile, Lady B prefers her dildo, name of Richard III, to cunning linguist Benedick, and Don John's henchman Borachio is smoking post-coital ciggies with an inflatable sweetheart.

    Funk It Up About Nothin' - review

  • Enter Dogberry, Verges, and the Watch, with Conrade and Borachio

    Much Ado About Nothing

  • He arranges an apparent tryst at Hero's window involving Hero's lady-in-waiting, Margaret, and a henchman of Don John's, Borachio, with whom Margaret is besottedly in love.


  • Led by her heart rather than her good sense, Margaret agrees to appear at Hero's window in the guise of Hero and receive the attentions below of Borachio masquerading as Claudio.


  • 'What is he for a fool that betroths himself to unquietness?' he asks his chief henchman, Borachio, who has brought him intelligence of an intended marriage.


  • The matter need not come to that dire pass, because the contretemps is cleared up by the inept watch that has stumbled on the truth by arresting Borachio.



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