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  • Borg, Bjorn Born 1956. Swedish tennis player who won five consecutive Wimbledon championships (1976-1980).

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  • n. One who proselytises or assimilates.
  • v. To assimilate rivals, via corporate acquisition or religious proselytisation.
  • v. To turn into a cyborg, to implant machinery into people with the intent of controlling or assimilating them.


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From the Star Trek franchise; apparently a clipping of cyborg, from cybernetic + organism.


  • Three BORG DRONES are methodically making repairs—they look injured and one of the Borg is missing an arm.

    Becoming Human: The Seven of Nine™ Saga

  • From: KELLEY PENNY To: KENNETH PRUETT Subj: BORG BUSTING KP What do you think would happen if there was a war KP between the Daleks, Cybermen, and the Borg?

    The Progress of Klaus Barbie

  • Just saying the word Borg elicits a predictable defensive response in most people.

    Star Trek: Voyager®: Full Circle

  • The only reason the Enterprise crew has any chance to stop the Borg is because the Borg come all the way to Earth before going back in time — why in the world did they do that?

    Ranking the Star Trek Films

  • Second, he's asking us to prove a negative: we also didn't get attacked by the Romulans or the Borg; is Mr. Cheney going to take credit for that, too?

    The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  • The whole point of the Borg is that they were supposed to be a perfect, complete collective consciousness wherein every individual was nothing more than a cell in a much larger “single entity”.

    05 « August « 2009 « Axiom's Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Marcus Borg is a warm and fuzzy hippie who re-imagines Jesus as a warm and fuzzy American hippie so Marcus Borg can be comfortable with him.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • WIMBLEDON, England Bjorn Borg is holding to his pre-tournament pick and expects Roger Federer to equal the Swedish legend's Open-era record of five consecutive Wimbledon titles.

    Borg returns to Wimbledon as Federer-Nadal final looms

  • It's not like the Borg is not paying for other web site bashing the iPod where they specifically hide the fact that they're behind them ...

    Smug Ugly - Anil Dash

  • Now that would be a logical, nay human final solution to the Ewok problem, there is nothing that I recall in Borg lore where they used eco-cide as a technique in assimilation.

    In a classic moment of office conversation....


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