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  • n. A member of a people descended from Slavs from Bosnia who converted to Islam during the period of Ottoman rule.
  • n. An inhabitant of Bosnia without regard to religious identity, especially prior to the mid-19th century.

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  • n. A person belonging to autochthonous South Slavic people living mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sandžak region of Serbia and Montenegro.
  • n. A person typically characterized by their tie to the Bosnian historical region, traditional adherence to Islam, and common culture and language.


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Serbo-Croatian Bošnjak ("Bosniak"), from Bosna ("Bosnia") (Cyrillic: Босна)


  • I asked what a "Bosniak" was and shared my enjoyment of the way Sen. Biden emphasized "Bush's" over and over.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • ROBERTS: If she had said "Bosniak," everybody would be making a big deal of it, you know.

    Media Matters for America - Limbaugh Wire

  • I think "Bosniak" is a term for ethnic locals in Bosnia and Bosnian refers to anyone who happens to live there - or something like that.

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  • Rather than work for those pricks, I instead pointed out to urthshu that, contrary to his "joking around" theory, both Darleen and Big Bang Hunter clearly believed that "Bosniak" is some sort of crazy made-up word; urthshu conceded the point and asked me in a civil manner what I thought about the debate.

    Barrett Brown: Protein Wisdom and the Radness of Crowds

  • There are also certain nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina who insist that they speak Serbian, or Croatian, and believe that the language spoken by their Muslim compatriots, referred to as “Bosniaks,” should not be called “Bosnian” but rather “Bosniak.”

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  • In Bosnia, most of the movement was within the country, but where previously the whole region was a mixture of Serb, Croat, and Bosniak, the Serbs now basically all live in the Republika Srpska part of the country, and the Croats and Bosniaks in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina part.

    Matthew Yglesias » 18th Century Polish Strategic Dilemmas

  • SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Angelina Jolie has questioned Bosnia's decision to withdraw her film permit, saying Friday it was based on false rumors that her movie will be a love story about a Bosniak woman and a Serb man who raped her during the country's war.

    Angelina Jolie To Bosnia: My Film Is Not A Rape Love Story

  • Angelina insists rumors that her film is about a Bosniak woman who falls in love with her wartime rapist are false.

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  • The movie was supposed to be shot partly in Bosnia in November, but Grahovac revoked the permit this week under pressure from the Association of Women, Victims of War, which represents the several thousand mainly Muslim Bosniak women who were raped during Bosnia's 1992-95 war.

    Angelina Jolie To Bosnia: My Film Is Not A Rape Love Story

  • Benghazi, the eastern city where Gaddafi did his military training, was as vulnerable as the Bosniak enclave.

    The Arab Spring will only flourish if the young are given cause to hope | Henry Porter


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