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  • n. Plural form of Bosniak.


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  • I agreed that this was very funny indeed, thereafter explaining that the term "Bosniaks" - also correctly rendered as "Bosniacs" - is in fact a real word referring to Bosnian Muslims, and that Biden had used this correct term in a correct fashion, which, in my opinion, seems okay.

    Barrett Brown: Protein Wisdom and the Radness of Crowds

  • Same with the so-called Bosniaks -- one day they are "moderate" and "secular," the next they are "Muslims in the heart of Europe."

    Julia Gorin: Your Tax Dollars at Work: State Dept. Sponsors Top Kosovo Muslim to tell American Muslims: Pray for Kosovo Independence... and spread Islam.

  • Bosnia's three main ethnic groups (Roman Catholic Croats, Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Bosnians, more commonly known as Bosniaks) turned on each other savagely, despite decades of intermarriage and living peaceably together.

    Bosnia Reborn

  • So that the structure that resulted, what you see reflected in this constitution, is one in which the powers and the interests of the Bosnian government, called Bosniaks in this constitution, and the Croats are carefully balanced in order to meet those two desires on the part of the two parties that were putting this agreement together.

    Background Briefing On Croat Muslim Peace Agreement

  • Yovanovitch had rejoined that, till the assassination, Bosnia Serbs had been uniformly called "Bosniaks," yet the assassin was now described as "a Serb," and no mention was made that he was a Bosnian and an Austrian subject.

    The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8) Introductions; Special Articles; Causes of War; Diplomatic and State Papers

  • But Bosnian Muslims, ethnically identified as "Bosniaks," and other minority groups in Bosnia who can only carry Bosnian passports, now feel isolated and even frustrated by such rules.

    The Daily Star > News Feed

  • Every time people like Ashdown and Hollbrooke regurgitate the old mantra about disruptive Serbs and virtuous "Bosniaks," it is necessary to reassert that the RS is an essential factor of stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Western Balkan region, and that those calling for its liquidation (under whatever name) are effectively aiding and abetting the

  • Tensions between Serbs and Muslim 'Bosniaks' in Bosnia are simmering slightly more than usual recently.

    Irish Blogs

  • On PBS, Cokie Roberts falsely suggested Biden's reference to "Bosniaks" was a gaffe

    Media Matters for America - Limbaugh Wire

  • "Bosniaks" and said: "Bosniak political leaders must examine their own their political conduct within governing institutions, particularly where they are the majority, and ask themselves, is this conduct assuaging concerns among other ethnic groups about domination or contributing to it?" said during the debate:

    Media Matters for America - Limbaugh Wire


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