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  • A city of southern Ontario, Canada, southwest of Toronto. It was named for the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant, who is buried nearby. Alexander Graham Bell performed some of his early experiments in sound transmission here in the 1870s. Population: 90,200.


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  • These activists were out the other night trying to stop the demolition of 41 historic buildings in Brantford, Ontario, that are coming down because some people think that this is better than trying to fix them.

    Big Steps To Make Our Cities and Buildings Better | Inhabitat

  • Jolly, who was born in Brantford, Ontario, in 1879.

    Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law's House: The Medicine Cabinet

  • The filming of this movie was in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

    Transformers Movie Second Trailer

  • If you've spent time in Brantford, or in any place in Ontario where your hospital has been important, and if you've worked on everything from cake sales to auxiliaries, you know that the hospital is a very, very sacred institution for most communities.

    Premier Breakfast

  • The telephone he invented in Brantford in 1874 was not manufactured until 1875 when it appeared in Boston: so that actually it was conceived in Brantford, born in Boston and is now claimed by the Russians.

    Telephony—A New Era in the Making

  • Brantford is romantic, though she is a busy and influential industrial centre, because of her backgrounds and her interesting personalities.

    Canadian Cities of Romance

  • Norman Duncan, also a native of Brantford, is not related to Sara Jeanette.

    Canadian Cities of Romance

  • The transmitting instrument was in Brantford under the charge of Mr. Griffin, who was manager, I think, of the local office at that time, and who is still living.

    The Substance of My Latest Research

  • I spent the summer vacations, and also the Christmas vacations, at my father's home on Tutela Heights, near Brantford -, Ontario, and all that I have been able to say hitherto has been that the telephone was invented in Brantford some time during that summer vacation of 1874.

    The Substance of My Latest Research

  • It Was in Brantford that the first transmission of speech to a distance occurred.

    The Substance of My Latest Research


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