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  • adjective Of or pertaining to Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956), German poet and playwright, or his works.


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Brecht +‎ -ian


  • Palmer went on to form The Dresden Dolls - a band she describes as Brechtian punk cabaret.

    Neutral Milk Hotel Album Transformed For Stage

  • Lastly, Andrew Zhou presented a paper on "Brechtian" performance in the political songs of Hanns Eisler.

    Day 1: Reactions to the Record II

  • "Brechtian" is the worst adjective in the English language.

    Thinking the Drama Class

  • Lastly, Andrew Zhou presented a paper on "Brechtian" performance in the political songs of Hanns Eisler.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • As a kind of Brechtian, expressionist docu-musical, "Jelly's Last Jam" has brilliance in Wolfe's kaleidoscopic staging, Hope Clarke's vibrant choreography and a vital cast.

    A Folk Hero's Hot Odyssey

  • Unless you purposefully want to create a kind of Brechtian game/platform, the goal should be transparency of tools/rules.

    It's so easy, Gamemasters

  • She talked, the other day, on one of the ubiquitous bulletin board systems, with a professor of communications who was explaining to her that she was "Brechtian" while the XV was "Craigean."

    Mother Of Storms

  • More thoughts on this, and a gratuitous use of the term "Brechtian," after the jump.

    Portland Mercury

  • 'Brechtian' theatre techniques have become so pervasive - in film and television as well as on the stage - that we have to imagine ourselves back in the 1950s to recognise just how revolutionary they appeared at the time.

    Red Pepper

  • Beside supplying a Brechtian moment for drawing the audience's attention away from the narrative and onto the cinematic conventions historically used to define and codify the behaviors of women and men, Rainer is simultaneously analogizing the homosocial construction and constriction of the individual woman as so much performance--an actor playing out roles scripted for and handed down to her.

    G. Roger Denson: Gender as Performance & Script: Reading the Art of Yvonne Rainer, Cindy Sherman, Sarah Charlesworth & Lorna Simpson After Eve Sedgwick & Judith Butler


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