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  • n. Plural form of Briticism.


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  • He tries very hard not to be parochial (is it fair to ask that a book written in Britain should label "Briticisms" as well as Americanisms? would you expect an American author to label Americanisms?) and if he sometimes fails to be omniscient, let us hope that American (and other) readers will be tempted to help.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol V No 3

  • Everyone he knew, the foreigners anyway, were British, and he found Briticisms creeping into his speech, beginning sentences withSoand ending them withthen.

    New Carpet

  • I think I would have to agree with the post by Kerry though I would like to believe that those who might purchase your book in the US would enjoy the Briticisms.

    I say pyjama…

  • While some of my American friends were poshing up their vowels and adopting Briticisms like “Brilliant!” or “full stop,” my accent was becoming more and more ostentatiously American.

    The View from There

  • If you change the spellings to American, but use Briticisms without realis/zing it as anyone who natively speaks British English would, then it's not only opaque in meaning, but there's no obvious reason why it's opaque.

    Separated by a common language

  • Great story, but given the aforementioned Briticisms in "Bambi's" answers, I'm inclined to believe that the author himself is in on the hoax--i.e., fabricated the answers himself.

    YesButNoButYes: Debbie Does Dallas - The Bambi Woods Interview: Final Thoughts

  • I'm afraid I can't resist the inevitable conclusion, so here goes: Briticisms have passed their sell-by date, and the odor (or should I say odour) is getting a bit rank.

    "What Language Do They speak in England?"

  • One of Peter De Vries's comic novels has a character who accumulates Briticisms.

    "What Language Do They speak in England?"

  • The gathering storm of Briticisms would seem to provide a perfect opportunity.

    "What Language Do They speak in England?"

  • It's hard to pinpoint the cause of the use of all these Briticisms.

    "What Language Do They speak in England?"


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