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  • proper n. The United Kingdom together with its dominions, colonies, dependencies, trust territories and protectorates; became the Commonwealth of Nations following the independence of many of its constituent countries

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  • n. a former empire consisting of Great Britain and all the territories under its control; reached its greatest extent at the end of World War I; it included the British Isles, British West Indies, Canada, British Guiana; British West Africa, British East Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand


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  • Adolf Hitler has a curious streak of contradiction in his personality, for there are two things he knows to be his enemies yet wishes if at all possible to preserve: the British Empire and the Holy Catholic Church of Rome.

    The Thorn Birds

  • People forgot that the Prussian Monarchy could no more maintain itself without a large army than the British Empire could without a large navy.

    Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire

  • You recall Lord Rosebery's speech in which he pictured the capital of the British Empire being moved to Washington if the American

    The Life and Letters of Walter H Page

  • A native of New Zealand, Ngaio (a Maori word meaning flowering tree) Marsh received the Order of the British Empire in 1948.

    Killer Dolphin

  • Distasteful as modern Parliamentary politics were to him, the position of the British Empire in the world was the dominant fact in his mind, and he regarded Oxford as a training-ground of imperial statesmanship.

    The Life of Froude

  • The day will come when we and the British Empire will stand together and say to the world, 'It was we who made you free,' and the Americans and the Russians and the other Pontius Pilates like them will hang their heads and feel ashamed that all the glory came to us.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • One month after Paine became editor of Aitkin’s magazine, blood was shed at Lexington and Concord, and his next issue contained a notable summary of Lord Chatham’s great parliamentary speech in which he warned that the crown of the British Empire would lose its luster if “robbed of so principal a jewel as America.”

    Angel in the Whirlwind

  • Australia, and New Zealand vied with each other in sending volunteers to fight for and uphold the rights of their fellow-colonists in South Africa, thus giving to the world such an evidence of the unity of the British Empire as it had never before seen.

    Queen Victoria

  • You'll have heard it said that the British Empire was acquired in a fit of absence of mind -- one of those smart Oscarish squibs that sounds well but is thoroughly fatheaded.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • I’d rather have the British Empire ten thousand times over, and that bed’s a bit too wide, and too many in it for me.



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