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  • n. Alternative form of Brownite.


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Introduced in a comic strip by the satirical magazine Private Eye, styled on The Broons and referring to Gordon Brown's Scottish accent.


  • Slightly O/T, but I notice the way that the die-hard Broonite lick-spittles invoke the authority of the Labour Party's constitution to pronounce on how or why no leadership challenge is possible.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • In the case of Orwell when his most famous book depicts a totalitarian state run by a Party called "Eng Soc" it appears fainly bizarre to claim him for the statist centralising micro controlling Broonite haters of the human.

    " Help" ( Its just a cry for help)

  • Folk Music ... you deserve eachother, my favoutire moment recently was Kief lighting up in defiance of the fascist Broonite anti freedom policy

    Always On My Mind

  • Ed Balls - the noisome Broonite stooge so irredeemably despicable he makes Damian McBride look Thomas Jefferson - was on the

    Telegraph Blogs

  • Croydonians Death - C will be under interrogation form the Broonite “Social Worker combined Judge “kill squad.

    Archive 2007-03-25


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