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  • n. A uniformed member of the German National Socialist Party (NSDAP).
  • n. Any member of a national socialist party.


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  • When Glenn 'Brownshirt' Beck worked for CNN ... he came on air over the course of several days

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  • If I wear this shirt will I be considered a "Brownshirt" by the commander of the ghosts?

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  • This is a warning to all you Democrats that you had better be ready to fight tooth and nail for every vote, because the Republican "Brownshirt" Party is going to pull every sleazy, anti-democrtic trick they can think of to suppress your vote.

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  • Team "Brownshirt" Obama is championing the cause of "getting in their face" just like he instructed his brownshirt youth to do out on the trail.

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  • Team "Brownshirt" Obama is championing the cause of

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  • It started with Taitz asking how much time she'd be given to respond -- not exactly the kind of question anchors like to get, as it means you're actually eating in to the time scheduled for your segment -- and spiraled swiftly downward from there, with Taitz calling host David Shuster a "Brownshirt" and Shuster asking Taitz if it was true that NBC had offered her a car to bring her to the studio, but "you refused because it was a Muslim sounding name with the driver."

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  • Claire McCaskill Forced to Apologize for Aide's "Brownshirt" Comments

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  • Claire McCaskill Forced to Apologize for Aide's "Brownshirt" Comments | Liberal Whoppers

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  • WATCH: Birther Orly Taitz Proves Her Insanity, Calls Shuster A 'Brownshirt'

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  • 100 PERCENT ... of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn 'Brownshirt' Beck ... you don't count as a 'True' Republican.

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