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  • A village of central Germany near Weimar. It was the site of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

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  • n. a Nazi concentration camp for Jews in World War II that was located in central Germany


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  • It is not easy to dig into this when my command of the language is rather basic and when there are lots of other people with the same or similar names - such as for instance the Slovak intellectual Ivan Markovič who died in Buchenwald two years after his near namesake was killed on the Bosnian mountainside.

    Double Falshood

  • We must admit some states are more important than other due to the electoral vote, and Buchenwald is nowhere near Auschwitz.

    Clinton: Obama more likely to lose

  • But the photographs from the years between 1933 and 1938 (when my grandparents left Germany, after my grandfather spent several weeks in Buchenwald) have always struck me because the horror of what was enveloping Germany's Jews never appeared.


  • The spectre of Belsen and Buchenwald is haunting South Africa.

    Articles written by Nelson Mandela for Liberation, 1955-59

  • Indeed, in Conversations of Goethe, Eckermann recounts how Faust’s author carved his initials into not an oak but a beech tree, the dominant species in the forest the name Buchenwald, chosen by SS leader Heinrich Himmler, means beech forest.

    The Lampshade

  • Animal Lovers Claim Shelter Managers Will Abuse Dogs Volunteers from the St. Petersburg stray dog shelter Rzhevka are sending out an SOS now that the animal home is being taken over by new administrators who the activists say are allegedly responsible for running a "Buchenwald" - style concentration camp for dogs.

    The St. Petersburg Times

  • Interestingly, and somewhat detrimental to your point, he was handed over to the Germans by the Vichy regime, who put him in Buchenwald.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Back and Forth on Israel

  • Far from deterred, Denier Bud said he had just put the finishing touches on what he considered to be his “best work” so far, a twenty-two-episode, two-hour-and-twenty-two-minute opus entitled Buchenwald: A Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil.

    The Lampshade

  • In the back row of specimens on what would come to be called the Buchenwald Table, or simply “the Table,” are a number of glass jars in which human organs—lungs, a heart, a stomach—float in formaldehyde.

    The Lampshade

  • In a small booklet entitled Buchenwald: A Tour of the Memorial Site that he wrote with his wife, archivist Sabine Stein, is a description of what came to be called Special Camp No. 2, one of several internment facilities maintained by Soviet forces in Germany during the aftermath of the war.

    The Lampshade


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