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from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • A follower of Theodore Roosevelt in the presidential campaign of 1912; -- a sense said to have originated from a remark made by Roosevelt on a certain occasion that he felt “like a bull moose.”
  • The figure of a bull moose used as the party symbol of the Progressive party in the presidential campaign of 1912.


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  • Without a leader of Teddy Roosevelt's massive statute, a Bull Moose movement today could never survive as a viable third party, but it could wake up and mobilize a lot of disillusioned Americans.

    Why We Need a New Bull Moose Movement

  • It was during this same campaign that apocalyptic fervor swept away the Bull Moose candidate Theodore Roosevelt as well, with his famous declaration: “We stand at Armageddon, and we battle for the Lord.”

    The Chosen Peoples

  • A huge Bull Moose standing where the woods open into a grassy space.


  • Step by slow step I move away from the Bull Moose.


  • TR would run against him in 1912 on the Bull Moose ticket, dashing both of their presidential careers and handing the White House to Woodrow Wilson.

    Devil Dog

  • When TR bolts the Republican Party in 1912 after losing the nomination to the incumbent, William Howard Taft and then runs for president on the radical Bull Moose platform, Mr. Morris focuses on a would-be assassin, John Schrank, who tracks Roosevelt from city to city, finally shooting the ex-president in Milwaukee at close range.

    Bull Moose In Twilight

  • Forget the evidence that TR defended the Bull Moose platform until the day he died.

    Bull Moose In Twilight

  • There, next to the Whig and Bull Moose parties, was a freshly dug grave with a tombstone reading "Democratic Party 1828 -".

    Kristen Soltis: The GOP's Challenge to Win Back Young Voters

  • The brash Bull Moose independent of 2000 has made all sorts of accommodations since, abandoning common sense when necessary, and his unsteadiness the past couple weeks makes his age an unspoken issue: Anyone who remembers the Iran-Contra years and the president who couldn't remember is not anxious to see a genial oldster dithering in the Oval Office.

    McCain Camp's Debate Response: Our Town-Hall Proposal Is "Beneath A Worldwide Celebrity"

  • Sheila Bair is a Bull Moose in the China shop of the Obama administration's economic team, suggests

    James Warren: This Week in Magazines: The Bull (Moose) in the Obama China Shop


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