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  • proper n. Nickname of the Brooklyn Dodgers, later the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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  • Promoted to Headline (H2) on 9/30/08: Bush Emergency Patsy Dems on Both Side of the Aisle Sold Out, Even Though Pelosi's Bums 'Rush Failed yahooBuzzArticleHeadline =' Bush Emergency Patsy Dems on Both Side of the Aisle Sold Out, Even Though Pelosi\'s Bums\ 'Rush Failed'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Dem sellouts fell for the same Bush hurry-up and pass the bill crap that Dubya used to sell the Iraq war, but this time, the Bush plan to rip off America was far more obvious and the Dem failure to listen to and protect constituents was even more glaringly obvious.

    Bush Emergency Patsy Dems on Both Side of the Aisle Sold Out, Even Though Pelosi's Bums' Rush Failed

  • The real merit in hiring the Rent-a-Bums is that we are a highly trained, disciplined, cohesive team.

    Rent-A-Bum Redux

  • β€œIt had so much significance,” he told Peter Golenbock for his book on the Brooklyn Dodgers, titled Bums.

    My Bat Boy Days

  • The game that your father, or your grandfather, took you to for a dollar or two, the game where you followed your immigrant Brooklyn neighborhood to watch guys called "Bums" play to raucous crowds and a blaring band, is no more.

    Brian Ross: Is Major League Baseball Going Broke? Why American Needle Makes Sports Leagues Nervous

  • Other relocated teams, such as the Boston Braves, Philadelphia Athletics and even the New York Giants are almost forgotten, but the "Bums" live on in a series of books, DVDs, television shows, apparel and autograph signings that tap into the nostalgia of a bygone era in the borough.

    Ghosts of Flatbush alive 50 years after Dodgers' exit

  • While "Bums" and "Monumental" were two solid tracks "Secret Wars" was the joint captured the imagination of head hands down.

    Dart Adams presents Secret Wars (Part One Of Two)

  • The Dodgers were the beloved "Bums" the Braves are viewed merely as postseason duds, the team that should have won at least one or two more titles. - Braves face uncertain future

  • "Bums," whispered one of the boys at the top of the embankment.

    Tales from Bohemia

  • I have followed these two filmmakers with their earlier entries like "Bums" and have found that they've come a long way and I have no doubt they will keep getting better and better.

    Late Mag

  • Wow, if they care and their partners cared like FDA "Bums" why would they say get some nicotine gum (that's their cash buddy friends) and why is the FDA banning the electric cigarette ... - Articles related to Uruguay weakens smoking laws


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