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  • _His_ BURDEN _is that Burden which men often feel themselves to be bearing as they advance from youth to manhood.

    On Nothing and Kindred Subjects

  • The second part of Jonathan Marlow's conversation with documentary filmmaker Les Blank opens with a story as to how the narration in Burden of Dreams came about and covers all sorts of ground before touching on the work of Blank's son, Harrod (In the Land of Owl Turds and Wild Wheels), who gathered his first production experience on the set of Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.

    GreenCine Daily: Interview. Les Blank.

  • It might be wise to find one, lest the White Man's Burden is all the most powerful on this earth have either to accept or reject.

    'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' as an Ambient Poem; a Study of a Dialectical Image; with Some Remarks on Coleridge and Wordsworth

  • What once used to be called the White Man's Burden is now offered for all men to share.

    The Church Amid World Cultures

  • He was pleasant spoken as well as good-looking, and had a free-and-easy way, was always ready with an order for the play or one of the music halls, and -- in short, Burden fell in love with him.

    Nell, of Shorne Mills or, One Heart's Burden

  • “When I came back to Germany and I tried to hold all the investors together,” Herzog tells Blank in Burden of Dreams, “they said to me, ‘Well how can you continue, can you … do you have the strength, or the will, or the enthusiasm …?’

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • My two favorite movies that I never get tired of watching are Babe and a documentary about moviemaking called Burden of Dreams.

    Interview with Jessica Hopper

  • We see in orchards some trees so fruitful, that the waight of their Burden is the breaking of their limbs; some again are but meanly loaden; and some among them are dry stocks: so it is in the church, which is God's orchard, there are some eminent Christians that are soe frequent in good dutys, that many times the waight thereof impares both their bodys and estates; and there are some

    Anne Bradstreet and Her Time

  • Instead of the faces being worked in rows of straight stitches (like that described as Burden stitch on page 50) as we see in the old

    Handbook of Embroidery

  • Survival, meanwhile, does as the name suggests, and Beast Hunt and My Burden are the competitive pursuits.



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