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  • n. Plural form of Bushist.


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  • I marvel at you Bushists who deny any repsonsibility for the disasters caused by your leader.

    Think Progress » Rep. Blackburn touts Social Security privatization.

  • I think the Bushists have succeeded at drowning the government in the bathrub.

    Schumer Steps Down From D.S.C.C. Post - The Caucus Blog -

  • I do think we're listening to Bushists when it comes to whether or not the Iraqi government is a puppet government -- like the corrupt and incompetent South Vietnam government was.

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • As I wrote as along ago as August 2004, the Bushists have openly sought, and received, big budgets and bipartisan support for terrorist groups and extremist militias all over the world.

    Convergence and Continuity: The American-Backed Terror Campaign in Iran

  • Obvious for any of a dozen reasons but chiefly because the Bushists conjured the whole discussion out of the blue -- it was a complete non-sequitur to the problem of defeating AQ from the get.

    Happy Hour Roundup

  • If the few moderate Republicans who were still around could not keep the Bushists from bankrupting the country, slaughtering thousands of our finest young men and women, furthering the devastatiion of the middle class, and endangering the whole world ecosystem, do we really want to see what would happen when the only remaining Republicans were all the most insane?

    Club For Growth Slams McCain: He's "Afraid Of Getting Booed"

  • Bushists tend to be cowardly authoritarians who don't think freedom is worth the extra risk that it inevitably requires.


  • The whipsong is growing old, the scapegoating of Nader in 2000 only provides rearguard cover for the Bushists and neocons stealing the election and people choose to remain enshrouded in cocoons of denial and ignorance.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Nader IS McCain's best friend and Enabler

  • But they deliberately cultivate those feelings in themselves, nourish them, multiply them by their own prejudice, develop them into obsession and artificial fanaticism until they become bigger Zionists than Zhabotinski, bigger jingoists than Rush Limbaugh and bigger Bushists than Cheney.

    Human Coprophagia 3 ��. Russian Immigrants Love Bush!

  • That legislation – again, deliberately weasel-worded in such an ambiguous manner that Democrats could claim that it limited the president's response to the attacks while the Bushists – and some courts as well – have used it as, well, a blank check for tyranny.



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