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  • abbr. immunoglobulin G


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  • 'tutorial shows all these parameters without the "ByVal" keyword, my

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  • Length = 9 Then ''' Checks if the string is formatted as a Social Security Number ''' True if empty values are allowed, otherwise false ''' True if the string is a valid SSN, otherwise false Public Function IsSSNByRef ssn As String, ByVal isEmptyOK As Boolean As Boolean 'Add the dashes if the user didn't enter it and the SSN is 9 characters If Not ssn.

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  • Public Sub RemoveMapping (ByVal aStyleName As String) 'does this mapping exist? articles

  • Set (ByVal value As String) _DCIInformation = value

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  • ByVal and ByRef (in VB, just "ref" (or "out") in C#) describe different ways of passing arguments to methods.

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  • BuildCombinations (ByVal inputString As String) As String () 'Separate the sentence into useable words.

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  • Nullreference exception was unhandles binh posted at Wednesday, February 17, 2010 9: 48 AM Private Sub showPopup (ByVal shutDownType As String, ByVal remain As Integer) New Messageboard Posts

  • Set (ByVal value As String) applicationPath = value

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  • Protected Overrides Sub OnLoad (ByVal e As EventArgs) '... add custom logic here ...

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  • X = SHGetPathFromIDList (ByVal dwIList, ByVal szPath) articles


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