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  • n. An individual canned, precooked, or prepared wet ration formerly issued to land forces in the US military.


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  • Inside the multi-acre-size exhibit hall, gun nuts were packed tighter than sausages in an old C-ration can.

    The Four Toughest Men of the Old West

  • I'm sure that's an exaggeration, although I am equally sure that the pound cake (around which you can see the frilly paper "cupcake" wrapper) tastes better than Mike's C-ration scrambled eggs (these were also Vietnam-era, still in use when poor Mike had to eat them, 10 years later).


  • C-ration cans clunk against the sticks of C-4 explosive in my trouser kangaroo pockets.

    Missing in America

  • When we had each taken our cup, Foster put the empty tray on his knees and from six different pockets drew C-ration cans of fruit and meat, along with several packets of cocoa and sugar.

    The Village

  • Under cover of the PF fire, Khoi dragged Theilepape behind the fort to the garbage pit, which was piled high with empty C-ration cartons and cans.

    The Village

  • I carried a canvas bandoleer containing eighty-four match-grade 30.06 full-metal-jacketed rounds of ammo, two canteens, a Kabar combat knife, a .45 pistol, a compass and map, and a few of the smaller cans of C-ration peanut butter, jelly, cheese and crackers.


  • C-ration meals each had one small roll of toilet paper in a brown wrapper; he used all of one arid half of another.


  • He frowned into the pack and pulled out a C-ration box.


  • He isn't scared; he's been sucking cold C-ration coffee to stay awake.


  • The largest C-ration can — the type that held Frankfurters and Beans or Spaghetti with Meat Sauce — was just the right size to hold a Mark 2 hand grenade, restraining the safety lever from popping away.



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