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  • n. Alternative spelling of C₂H₂. (ethyne)


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  • Through the water impact, acetylene (C2H2), a burnable gas results, which is then sprayed under pressure through the burner jet.

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  • Carbide - Calcium carbide, used to produce acetylene (C2H2) gas for lighting and welding.

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  • Now this material, when water is added to it, decomposes, and acetylene or C2H2 is formed, which is

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  • The kind of valency that exists in CaH2 and C2H2 is?

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  • The C2H2 zinc finger (ZF) domain is widely conserved among eukaryotic proteins.

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  • Because each tryptophan residue is located between the two cysteine residues of the C2H2 motif, we have named this structure the tandem CWCH2 (tCWCH2) motif.

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  • In Zic/Gli/Zap1 C2H2 ZF proteins, the two N-terminal ZFs form a single structural unit by sharing a hydrophobic core.

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  • Here we report on a novel human RING finger protein, ZNF645, which contains a C3HC4 RING finger domain, a C2H2 zinc-finger domain, and a proline-rich region, indicating that it has a structure similar to that of the c-Cbl-like protein Hakai.

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  • The signature of a baseline molecule, called acetylene (C2H2), was seen for both types of stars, but hydrogen cyanide was seen only around stars like our sun.

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  • The Trace Source 57 Series refillable permeation tubes extend the range of analyte compounds available to include high-pressure gases such as O2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H2, etc.

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