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  • proper n. the Commodore 64 home computer


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  • The C64 was the color machine w/advanced graphics and sound.

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  • Aside from the overall form factor, the case does not recall the C64 in any way.

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  • The C64 was a 16 colour machine; the Apple II was a lovely shade of black and green ... undermine

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  • Many moons ago a certain computer-in-a-keyboard affectionately coined the C64 took over the world and gave a whole generation a taste of things to come.

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  • Only the Apple II sold in similar (but never quite as many) quantities, and the C64 was a lot less expensive to buy.

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  • The C64 was a good machine for hosting a BBS or acting as a client with the 300-2400 baud modems of the time.

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  • Used to sell a machine called the C64 for less than


  • I'm assuming that Commodore 64 fans (and there are plenty, as the C64 is the best-selling single computer model of all time) remember BASIC (or maybe not!), the old programming language AKA Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. News Rss Feed

  • I'm not agree that a C64 is a lot of value for the AppStore.

  • The C64 was my family's first computer, and it was soon to become my computer.

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