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  • proper n. Acronym of Clean Air Amendment Act of 1990.


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  • That's a pretty big range, but even the lower-bound is pretty striking: a minimum of 21,000 avoided fetal deaths as a result of the CAAA?

    A. Siegel: Male and <40? Time to Thank the EPA?

  • Within just two years, the CAAA's positive impacts included 10,000s of babies born rather than fetus dying in their mothers' wombs ... per year.

    A. Siegel: Male and <40? Time to Thank the EPA?

  • Using Gender Ratios to Measure Fetal Death Rates examines how pollution loads impact fetal health and concludes that the 1970 Clean Air Act Amendments CAAA had a rapid and rather direct impact on any legitimate 'pro-life' agenda:

    A. Siegel: Male and <40? Time to Thank the EPA?

  • After examining changes in "ambient total suspended particulate matter TSPs", Sanders and Stoecker were able to calculate just how much the CAAA's reductions in TSPs impacted not just total live births, but the likelihood that a male fetus would survive to birth.

    A. Siegel: Male and <40? Time to Thank the EPA?

  • At least for this reader, Sanders and Stoecker have added something new to the agenda: the CAAA had a direct impact on improving the chance for a male to be born.

    A. Siegel: Male and <40? Time to Thank the EPA?

  • The Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 banned the sale of leaded gasoline as of December 31, 1995.

    Public Health Statement for Lead

  • In 1998, low-sulfur western coal production surpassed relatively higher-cost, higher-sulfur, Appalachian coal for the first time, following strong increases since 1994, prompted largely by Phase 1 of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990.

    Energy profile of the United States

  • CAAA originally took effect during 1995, and required lower sulfur emissions from coal combustion.

    Energy profile of the United States

  • This is because since the CAAA and Title V, only low sufur can be burned in US.

    RMS and Sulphate Emissions « Climate Audit

  • For example, the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) required EPA to issue a permit rule by November 15, 1991; however, disagreement among EPA, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Council on Competitiveness over certain requirements in the final rule delayed its issuance for eight months.

    Npr Report On The Environmental Protection Agency Part


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