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  • abbreviation clear-air turbulence
  • abbreviation computerized axial tomography

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  • initialism Centre for Alternative Technology
  • initialism Counter Assault Team
  • initialism Computer-adaptive test
  • initialism Common Admission Test
  • initialism Civil Air Transport
  • initialism Citizens Area Transit
  • initialism Clear air turbulence
  • initialism medicine computed axial tomography
  • initialism Career Aptitude Test
  • initialism Computer-assisted translation
  • initialism Canadian Achievement Tests
  • initialism Computer Aided Translation
  • initialism Cambridge Antibody Technology
  • initialism Credit Authorization Terminal
  • initialism Citizenship Advancement Training
  • initialism Computer Aided Transceiver
  • initialism Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope
  • initialism Coital Alignment Technique
  • initialism conidial anastomosis tube
  • initialism chloramphenicol acetyltransferase
  • initialism crisis assessment team


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