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  • abbr. Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

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  • n. A Roman numeral representing three hundred (300).
  • Charge Coupled Device (digital camera cell technics)
  • Colony Collapse Disorder
  • Carbonate Compensation Depth/Calcium Compensation Depth
  • n. a CCD based image sensor


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  • CCD is short for charge coupled devices and is made up of a light sensitive silicon chip.

    Best Syndication -

  • The image sensor, CCD, is the advanced digital camera's electronic eye.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2009 - Illustrated Presentation

  • The name CCD was invented by vanEngelsdorp and his colleagues at Penn State.

    Please Lord, not the bees

  • I couldn't get all the kids in CCD the same day of the week (because there was a time problem with Girl Scouts), and you can be guaranteed that there will be at least one trip to the hospital for a cracked head (a yearly event with one particularly active child of mine), some ear infections, and one of the dogs will find my secret chocolate stash and need an emergency trip to the vet after befouling my house.

    August 2009 - SpouseBUZZ

  • (* for the uninitiated, CCD is a choreographer cum director)


  • I call the CCD’s Davos Democrats — the Davos Dems and K-Street GOoPers will always vote for big money first, expecting the benefits to trickle down to the rest of us.

    Firedoglake » Labor and Netroots

  • "I still believe multiple factors are involved in CCD."

    Paralysing Virus Suspect In Disappearing Bees | Impact Lab

  • Well, actually, the people who invented the first successful imaging technology using a digital sensor, called a CCD Charge-Coupled Device, have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

    Your CCD Camera Just Won a Nobel Prize | Universe Today

  • Image sensors, which often rely on a rival technology known as a CCD, or charge-coupled device, are the key components in digital cameras.

    Micron to Spin Off Its Imaging Unit

  • It's called CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder when a bee hive's inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and few immature workers.

    Kate Clinton: Buzzkill


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