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  • There was a moment where CD-ROMs were the Internet; it lasted about five seconds.

    An Author Retraces His Steps

  • DVDs hold a lot more space than CD-ROMs—it's about 20 times as big so it's got 7,500 surviving sketches that led to "Maus"'s 400 notebook pages, audio interviews, transcripts.

    An Author Retraces His Steps

  • When all was new and Voyager/Criterion was rolling out "hyperbooks" CD-ROMs you could click around on, what would we have made of a critic like Matt Zoller Seitz, who today creates elaborate video essays demonstrating an awesome command of movie imagery on websites like Salon?

    Film Criticism Is Dying? Not Online

  • As soon as Web sites more properly support phones, the idea of having an app installed on your phone to reach a web site or web services is going to seem as antiquated as CD-ROMs.

    How Apple Put Everyone In an App State of Mind

  • Now, they both touch upon electronic forms of research and they both note that this is the way of the future, but there is little mention of the internet as a tool with more emphasis on CD-ROMs (remember those?) and the like.

    Waddams v. Hutchinson : Law is Cool

  • When Microsoft develops the entire next generation operating system in India, then sells the CD-ROMs from distribution centers in Redmond, were those sales considered part of the $7 billion or part of the $400 billion?

    Economic Education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • In 1994 he released Xplora 1, one of the first multimedia CD-ROMs created by a mainstream artist.

    Five People Born on February 13 | myFiveBest

  • I'm excited about all of this activity because for more than 20 years, I have helped artists and companies develop new forms of storytelling across many platforms movies, music, TV, PCs, CD-ROMs, game consoles, mobile phones, set-top boxes, the Web.

    Tribeca Film: Future of Film: Why Transmedia is Catching On

  • Back then, some CD-ROMs were "dual-format" with Mac and PC "sides" (metaphorically speaking ... when you inserted the disk in a computer, you would see only the files appropriate to that computer).

    David D. Levine, Wild Cards author

  • Modern Macs can read Windows-format CD-ROMs, but years ago this wasn't the case.

    David D. Levine, Wild Cards author


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