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  • n. A glycoprotein predominantly found on the surface of helper T cells. In humans, it is a receptor for HIV, enabling the virus to gain entry into its host.
  • n. A cell bearing the CD4 surface receptor.

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  • abbr. A glycoprotein found on the surface of helper T cells; in humans, it enables the HIV virus to enter a cell

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  • n. a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

c(luster of) d(ifferentiation antigen) 4.


  • In order to define the target antigens and the relative immunodominance of the overall HIV-1-specific CD4 T cell response in clade C virus infection, we used an IFN-γ Elispot assay to screen for HIV-1-specific CD4+ responses using an overlapping peptide set spanning the entire HIV-1 clade C proteome in 32 randomly selected subjects.

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  • (B-D) Foxp3 expression in splenic CD4+ T cells 8 (B) or 14 (C) d after infection, and in sub-mandibular lymph node CD4

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  • An international team has developed the prototype CD4 rapid test, similar in design to a home pregnancy test, which works with a finger-prick blood sample to measure the numbers of CD4+ T-cells in a person's blood.

  • Dot plots - top: gated on CD3+B220 − cells: CD4 versus CD8, middle: gated on SP CD4+ T cells showing the Vβ8. 2+ tumor cell population and an irrelevant Vβ-chain (Vβ6); bottom: gated on DP CD4/Vβ8. 2 as shown in histogram all other Vβ-families were negative.

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  • More specifically, researchers observed rapid and sustained immunological reconstitution in terms of CD4 and CD8 lymphocyte counts and high frequencies of specific CD4+ and CD8+ cells against microbial agents together with a significant reduction in post-transplant cytomegalovirus reactivation.


  • +CD8 − lymphocytes, which are further referred to as CD4

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  • HIV infects immune cells called CD4 T-cells (also called helper T cells) and slowly begins to decrease their numbers.

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  • The severity of HIV infection is measured by a count of white blood cells expressing a protein called CD4 for cluster of differentiation 4.

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  • Every T4 cell has appendages called CD4 receptors, through which it exchanges information with other immune cells.

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  • Yet, like an AIDS patient, she has virtually lost a vital class of immune cells known as CD4 lymphocytes.

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