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  • abbr. content distribution network; content delivery network
  • abbr. Canadian.


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  • Average Average Remaining Exercise Range of Exercise Contractual Number of Price per Prices per Share Life Common Share (CDN$) (Years) Shares (CDN $) - Top Stories

  • A CDN is short for Content Delivery Network and what that effectively translates into is a bunch of geo-position datacenters around the globe.

    Carsonified » Blog

  • A dynamic PR firm to be sure, CDN is emblematic of Brazil's newfound self-confidence.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Part II: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

  • $32.08 CDN is a pretty good price if you dont count the $21.91 or $25.34 shipping options you have to choose from to get it here.

    Attack co-workers with your own chopper! | Sync Blog

  • $450,000 CDN is about 3.8 million Mexican pesos, which should render one a rather nice dwelling, complete with telephone, laundry connections, ISP, and even some furnishings.


  • Cisco’s CDN is for its “Comm-puters” « The SiliconANGLE

    Cisco to Buy Tidal as Part of Its Data Center Rush

  • From a network architecture and cost perspective, operating a CDN is cheaper than selling transit and at high volume, it’s significantly cheaper to sell than selling the equivalent amount of transit capacity.

    Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

  • A CDN is a series of servers and, in this case, solid state storage devices spread to the edges of a broadband network which is used to provide subscribers with lower-latency access to popular content.

    iTnews Australia

  • The capacity of the CDN is a sum total of the combined bandwidth which can handle significant increase in concurrent access to services.

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • The CDN might be a part of the internet or it might be managed by cable operator, in many cases there are content distribution services like CMC and the TVN that offered network distribution services to a company at the edge.

    Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha


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