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  • n. Plural form of CDO-squared.


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  • It was those nonagency RMBSs and derivatives such as CDOs, CDO-squareds, synthetic CDOs, etc. which, of course, were chiefly responsible for the financial crisis.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Repeating the Mistakes of the Mortgage Crisis

  • If you understand that, you probably structure CDO-squareds.


  • And we went beyond that and got into CDO-squareds.

    Downgrade Dodger

  • So we went out and wrapped some of these CDO-squareds at various levels.

    Downgrade Dodger

  • This was on display in December, when it revealed a large exposure -- currently valued at $9 billion -- to so-called CDO-squareds, or collateralized debt obligations that invest in other CDOs, gobsmacking most analysts and investors.

    BOE's prescription for the U.K.

  • Products largely depending on gaming the credit-rating firms, like CDOs packed with other CDOs (so called CDO-squareds), constant proportion debt obligations (essentially highly leveraged credit-index bets), or CPDOs, and new vehicles stuffed with commodity or foreign-exchange risk, will find few takers until the rating firms prove they know how to evaluate them.

    The Credit-Market Carol

  • "Now we know -- MBIA simply did not disclose arguably the riskiest parts of its CDO portfolio to investors: $8. 1B of CDO-squareds."

    MBIA Skids on CDO Disclosure

  • Mr. Zerbe said MBIA's exposure to CDO-squareds hadn't been released before.

    MBIA Skids on CDO Disclosure

  • After the quarter's close, we reduced our exposure to multi-sector CDO-squareds by about 50 percent, and settled a small portion of outstanding putback receivables. - Business News

  • After the quarter's close, we reduced our exposure to multi-sector CDO-squareds by about - Business News


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