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  • copy-number variant, copy number variation
  • choroidal neovascularization


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  • A well-known example of a CNV is the extra copy of chromosome 21 resulting in Down syndrome.

    A Biology of Mental Disorder

  • Tomas Sanchez, president of the securities regulator known as CNV, said the number of brokerages will likely be cut to less than 20 and that most of the unemployed traders may be able to live off savings since they earned commissions in dollars. --

  • In fact, an abnormally large number of genetic mutations known as CNV's or "copy number variations."

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • It is caused by abnormal growth of fragile and leaky blood vessels (choroidal neovascularization or 'CNV') in the macula (a small area where vision is keenest at the center of the retina) in response to chronic inflammatory stress.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • He does an amazing job on Proof and his style is perfect for CNV.

    [REVIEW] Cowboy Ninja Viking #1 « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more

  • Wang K, Li M, Hadley D, Liu R, Glessner J, Grant SF, et al. Penn CNV: An integrated hidden Markov model designed for high-resolution copy number variation detection in whole-genome SNP genotyping data.


  • Their study looked for chromosomal deletions and duplications known as copy number variants (CNV) and found that these were present in 16% of the children with ADHD.

    A genetic cause for ADHD won't necessarily reduce the stigma attached

  • What many reports did not tell you – including the Guardian – is that this same pattern of CNV was also found in 8% of the children without ADHD.

    A genetic cause for ADHD won't necessarily reduce the stigma attached

  • Given the prevalence of CNV in the human genome, and the recent demonstration that increased copy number underlies a key human adaptation, the suggestion that duplicate genes are of necessity under negative selection is plainly incorrect.

    Behe's Test, Take 2

  • What I had in mind was widespread copy-number variation, or CNV, in the human genome, a source of variation that rivals the point mutations we all love to talk about.

    Behe's Test, Take 2


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