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  • Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, former name of Committee for Skeptical Inquiry


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  • Have you investigated any of the evidence for these phenomena (no, reading only the CSICOP literature does not count as investigation)?

    A Childish Question About Immigration, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • There is nothing scientific in CSICOP even its name is a lie.

    MJ 12 and the Aviary

  • Particularly when study data validated claims of ESP, the CSICOP persecution machine would ramp up, and attempt to have scientists removed from University positions, demoted, fired, and denounced as “pseudo-scientists”!

    Barry Beyerstein

  • The fact CSICOP/CSI embraced him as a valued member at the top of their pecking order/heap, a “hero” to the cause, speaks volumes.

    Barry Beyerstein

  • The political left also dominates the so-called "skeptics" groups, like CSICOP, founded by Marxists and possibly funded by Big Medicine -- which goes increasingly socialistic while natural healing methods of authentic grassroots healers gets trashed and thrashed, bad-mouthed and such.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • There are plenty of organizations (Randi, CSICOP, etc.) that claim they can make scientific claims about the supernatural, paranormal, etc.

    A long, boring post on everybody's favorite topic

  • Here is an excellent CSICOP article written for the 60th anniversary of the Welles broadcast that includes explanations of the South American incidents.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • Like the high-priests of CSICOP, their minds are made up before the study begins.

    Posthuman Blues

  • Taking the sometimes unscientific methods of CSICOP one step further, Penn & Teller P&T use their pay-TV pulpit to smear and denigrate those who dare to dabble in the fields of Ufology, cryptozoology, remote viewing, and other arcane areas.

    Posthuman Blues

  • Interestingly, I just discovered that the online Skeptic's Dictionary (which I think is affiliated with CSICOP in some way) is a wonderful (& witty!) source of information about the occult, etc.

    Posthuman Blues


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