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  • adj. Of mixed descent.
  • n. A person of mixed descent.


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Blend of Caucasian, black, American Indian, and Asian; coined by Tiger Woods to describe his ethnic background.


  • A self-described "Cablinasian" - at once exotic and all-American, ethnically apart but unthreatening - he helped dispel golf's lingering aura, or taint, of whites-only, country-club privilege at a time when the public watchwords were diversity and multiculturalism.

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  • Instead, he even coined a new term - "Cablinasian" - to describe his heritage.

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  • He chooses to use the term "Cablinasian" - a blend of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian.

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  • Tiger Woods insisted he was not black but "Cablinasian," an acronym he coined to highlight the many races in his ancestry.

    In defense of celebrating black identity

  • In fact, Woods revealed to Oprah Winfrey that he had his own classification - "Cablinasian", as in Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian.

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  • Shortly after Tiger Woods became the first black to win the Masters Tournament, he insisted that he was not black but "Cablinasian," a word he coined to describe the different groups in his ancestry: Caucasian, Black, Indian, and Asian.

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  • I don't believe it because the entire marketing strategy behind Tiger, and masterminded by his father, was to make him an avatar of post-racial "Cablinasian" commercial nirvana.

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  • Actually, I like Tiger's definition of himself (on Oprah) as being "Cablinasian," a mix of Caucasian, African, Thai, Chinese and Native American. Main RSS Feed

  • His rich heritage led to Woods, who is a Buddist, coining the word "Cablinasian" to describe himself.

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  • Oprah and, to the fury of many African-Americans who wanted to celebrate his victory in a white man's game, announced that he wasn't actually black - he was "Cablinasian".

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