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  • "Cacama," burst out the young Ixtlil 'now hot with bitter passion, "you are a coward _tamane_! [

    Historic Boys Their Endeavours, Their Achievements, and Their Times

  • He held a meeting with several top advisers, also attended by an allied king, Cacama of Texcoco.

    Aztec Hamlet: the tragedy of Moctezuma 2

  • They had learned that in nearby Texcoco, Prince Ixtlilxochitl, the brother of Cacama, had welcomed the invaders and had accepted Christianity.

    Part 2 - the Aztecs speak

  • It had started when Moctezuma met with his nephew Cacama, his brother Cuitlahuac and other lords to decide how to welcome the Christians when they arrived.

    Part 2 - the Aztecs speak

  • After this insult he swore allegiance to the King of Spain, and even contrived to capture Cacama, the lord of Tezcuco, by treachery and to deliver him into the hands of the Spaniards on whom he would have made war.

    Montezuma's Daughter

  • The rest of the infantry formed the rear-guard under Alvarado and De Leon, while the general himself took charge of the centre, some of the heavy guns, the baggage, the treasure, and the prisoners, among whom were a son and two daughters of Montezuma, Cacama, and several nobles.

    The True Story Book

  • Cacama, the emperor's nephew, king of Tezcuco, counselled him to receive the Spaniards courteously as ambassadors of a foreign prince, while Cuitlahua, his brother, urged him to muster his forces and then and there drive back the invaders, or die in the defence of his capital.

    The True Story Book

  • But while Montezuma thus resigned himself without a struggle to a life of captivity, some of his kinsmen were feeling very differently about the matter, and especially his nephew Cacama, lord of the Tezcuco, and second in power to Montezuma himself.

    The True Story Book

  • So Cacama was enticed by these faithless chiefs into a villa overhanging the lake, where he was easily overpowered and forced into a boat, which speedily brought him to Mexico.

    The True Story Book

  • Cacama, saying that it would be better to obtain possession of him personally, which he could easily do by means of several Tezcucan nobles who were in his own pay.

    The True Story Book


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