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  • n. A type of broccoli bearing clusters of blue-green to dark green flower buds.


Italian, Calabrian, from Calabria, Calabria.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • The Fiat car range named after grapes Fiat Merlot, Fiat Chardonnay etc didn't gain much mileage with Giulietta Calabrese from the Fiat Marketing Department who for some reason was concerned about the "inevitable association" with alcohol.

    The Thursday Night Letters

  • While fighting tax fraud might be a "countervailing interest" in favor of retaining corporate jet flight data, Calabrese of the ACLU said the government shouldn't just collect info on companies or individuals with "the assumption that it might be useful someday to prove that they're doing something wrong."

    Corbin Hiar: BARR Battle: Corporate Jet Privacy Threatened by Obama Administration

  • The ACLU agrees that the program "raises privacy concerns," said Chris Calabrese, its privacy lobbyist, in a phone interview.

    Corbin Hiar: BARR Battle: Corporate Jet Privacy Threatened by Obama Administration

  • (Soundbite of laughter) SULLIVAN: Then the company's president, Wayne Calabrese, cut in.

    Prison Economics Help Drive Ariz. Immigration Law

  • "Part of it is cultural, and part of it is that the U.S. and Europe have radically different privacy regimes," said Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for the ACLU.

    Google Street View privacy flap shows growing rift between U.S., E.U.

  • Bruce Calabrese, president of Equitable Mortgage Corp., a mortgage banking firm in Columbus, Ohio, considers them "simple cash grabs by Fannie and Freddie because they can, not because of any increased risk."

    Add-ons may be dissuading many from refinancing

  • "We're getting the clear message that if the supercommittee reaches agreement on a package of spending and tax cuts, the TV band auctions will be part of that," said Michael Calabrese, director of a project by the New America Foundation, a nonprofit Washington think tank, that calls for part of the broadcast spectrum to be put to unlicensed uses, such as WiFi, and not auctioned off.

    Debt Negotiations Hit the Airwaves

  • On November 12th, 2009 at 9: 06 am, Thom Calabrese wrote:

    Taste seven great holiday wines with Dr. Vino! | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • And all of this will come with a new federal bureaucracy — one that combines the worst elements of the DMV and the TSA, said Christopher Calabrese, ACLU legislative counsel.

    Coyote Blog » 2010 » May

  • In the past two years, such specialty cards have swelled in popularity among health-care providers—driven, in part, by baby boomers to finance devices like hearing aids and expensive procedures not covered by insurance, says Gina Calabrese , a professor at St. John's University School of Law in New York.

    When Your Doctor Sells Credit Cards


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