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  • Last April, about 70 to 100 right whales gathered in Cape waters but that was later in the season to feed on a spring variety of zooplankton known as Calanus finmarchicus.

    Reuters: Top News

  • Adaptable arctic copepods, such as Calanus glacialis, may be favored.

    Future change in processes and impacts on Arctic biota

  • At this point, the Indian wise man Calanus who had accompanied Alexander from the Punjab suddenly fell ill with an acute intestinal disorder and decided to put an end to his own life.

    Alexander the Great

  • Calanus: Indian holy man who accompanied Alexander back to Persepolis.

    Alexander the Great

  • Alexander, who had grown quite fond of the old philosopher, argued with him and tried to dissuade him from such a drastic step, but Calanus would not be moved.

    Alexander the Great

  • So the king at last agreed and ordered his friend Ptolemy to construct a massive funeral pyre for Calanus.

    Alexander the Great

  • On the morning of the grand immolation, Calanus was carried to the pyre in a litter as he could no longer walk long distances.

    Alexander the Great

  • While the whole army watched, Calanus began chanting hymns to the Indian gods in his native tongue just as the fire was lit.

    Alexander the Great

  • All this while, as the inferno engulfed him, Calanus did not move a muscle, but remained motionless until he was consumed by the flames.

    Alexander the Great

  • Two of the most venerated Indian religious teachers in the region were Dandamis and Calanus, who each lived quietly by themselves in the forest.

    Alexander the Great


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