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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Odontophoridae.


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  • The avifauna includes golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos, bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus, scaled quail Callipepla squamata, Mexican spotted owl Strix occidentalis lucida, great horned owl Bubo virginianus, roadrunner Geococcyx californina, loggerhead shrike Lanius ludovicianus, and cave swallow Hirundo fulva of which the Cavern Natural Entrance has the largest colony in the northern hemisphere which breeds there in the summer.

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park, United States

  • Scaled Quail (Callipepla squamata), western Texas, United States.

    Western short grasslands

  • Other exotic animals that have been introduced for hunting or for fur or meat such as European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), European hare (Lepus europaeus) and Californian quail (Callipepla californica) have already invaded wide areas of the southern portion of this ecoregion, and can also alter ecosystems of the area.

    Southern Andean steppe

  • Quail (Callipepla squamata pallida) — Bones of the scaled quail reported from Leyit Kin.

    Tseh So, a Small House Ruin, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico :

  • The campaign grew out the commitment of both Jennifer Gee and I to return to work in the field with the Callipepla.

    NYT > Home Page

  • This sighting is just a tiny start, but it's why I'm here: to find these birds and the root of the Callipepla.

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  • Surprisingly, male elegant quail respond robustly to recorded calls, despite the fact that of all the quail in the Callipepla genus, elegant quail is the most shy and furtive and lives in possibly the least dense populations.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Jennifer Gee, a biologist at the Claremont University Consortium and the University of California, Riverside, writes from the tropical dry forest near Álamos, Mexico, where she and Jennifer Calkins are studying Callipepla quail.

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  • Why, when they seem to stay in vocal touch, do these coveys roost apart; indeed, why are elegant quail coveys those I've observed and those reported by A. S. Leopold and residents of Álamos so much smaller than those of the other three Callipepla species?

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