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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Cacatuidae — the gang-gang cockatoo.


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  • Other species include the well-known gang-gang cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum, glossy black cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami, superb lyrebird Menura novaehollandiae, crimson rosella Platycercus elegans, kookaburra Dacelo gigas, and satin bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus violaceus.

    Greater Blue Mountains Area, Australia

  • Birds seen at lower elevations in the Alps include the superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae) and the gang gang cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum).

    Australian Alps montane grasslands

  • Near endemic birds include the gang-gang cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum), rufous bristlebird (Dasyornis broadbenti), rock warbler (Origma solitaria), and the pilotbird (Pycnoptilus floccosus), which is found in association with the superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae).

    Southeast Australia temperate forests


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