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  • n. The practice of writing compound words with internal majuscules.


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camel + case from the appearance of the humps of a camel.


  • Apart from the AnnoyingHabit of writing their CompanyName in CamelCase, RWT have exactly the right idea for someone like me, who doesn’t want a completely canned look but doesn’t want to write a lot of CSS from scratch.

    Rapid weaving

  • And yet, as Andrew Lih describes in his new book, The Wikipedia Revolution: How a Bunch of Nobodies Created the World's Greatest Encyclopedia, so-called CamelCase was the way computer programmers designated topics that would be linked on the Internet.


  • BEBDABHRHBRWEFG 3R§5Y5H4WTEDSFB it's good stuff - if a bit overengineered for most peoples 'needs - and of course it's free, but is glaringly let down by the software's insistence you use' CamelCase 'for all pages you create. a problem which exists with Wikipedia itself.

    MacUpdate - Mac OS X

  • See how we are now stuck with CamelCase to describe words like CamelOpenCircle.

    Open-washing and the CamelOpenCircle …Jerk | FactoryCity

  • What about using underscores or hyphens or CamelCase?

    Retro-Fitting Tags to Your Blog - Freshblog

  • Zoho Wiki has some of the very useful Wiki specific functionalities intact – like CamelCase words getting converted to wiki links automatically.

    Zoho Gets All Wiki

  • · Not only does Evergreen check your spelling as you type, it understands CamelCase words aren't single-word spelling mistakes but compounds of correctly spelled words

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Basically, classes use CamelCase, while variables, functions, and methods should all use lowercase with underscores. what's new online!

  • For that matter, the guy who invented CamelCase should be placed in the same padded cell as the guy who came up with the first case-insensitive file system, but did what's new online!

  • Try avoiding names that look really alike and use Pascal/CamelCase for names, but do not create different entities by (almost) just changing the case like: myFTExclusionList myftExclusion myftExclusions

    ASP.NET Forums


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