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  • n. Canadian content, in the context of Canadian regulations setting minimum quotas of Canadian content for Canadian radio and television broadcasters.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Abbreviation of Canadian + content.


  • In Canada there is a thing called CanCon, regulated levels of "Canadian music" - identified according to a bureaucractic formula - that must be played on the radio.

    ev'rybody's work-in' for the week-end

  • On a tour of North America, the minister has met musicians and politicians who have told him about what is known as CanCon, a Canadian content law that guarantees more than a third of the music played on radio is of Canadian extraction.


  • Here in Canada, our "CanCon" culture mavens are threatening to apply their stupid Canadian-culture-first policy to the internet.

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  • Second, that content is granted preferential treatment through minimum "CanCon" requirements for both television and radio broadcasting.

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  • Power Play, Once a Thief (the series, not just the pilot movie!), North of 60 … a tonne of CanCon TV gems I want to see getting into the stores.

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  • We can debate whether this kind of provision is effective, or if users should be asked to support CanCon with their own dollars.

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  • In it, they made the rather ridiculous suggestion that Canadian ISPs should be subject to the same CanCon rules as other broadcasters, in effect requiring the entire, sprawling Internet to contain a certain percentage of Canadian programming.

    Nunc Scio » Blog Archive » Much ado about nothing at the CRTC

  • ** Semi-obscure CanCon indy rock references are what makes the 24th Minute the happening place that it is!

    Sober Second Thoughts: Relax!

  • I'm reading a book by Knowlton Nash right now, so I'm in the mood for infusing some classic CanCon that's Canadian Content for our American visitors, which is most of you into the site today.

    The Pierre Burton Show with guest Bruce Lee (1971)

  • Besides poking fun at the film industry's CanCon grantrepreneurs, Steyn mentioned the March 25th secret trial coming up in Ottawa.

    Ezra Levant: March 2008 Archives


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