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  • n. The state or quality of being Canadian.


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Canadian +‎ -ness


  • And indeed they are, but how can "Canadianness" withstand the call of the faith and the obligation of jihad?

    Islam's Nowhere Men

  • This proposal might suffer from being difficult to enforce, and admittedly dangerous if applied stringently imagine a laundry-list manifesto of Canadian values with legal force, and courts ruling on the "Canadianness" of individuals, I think the objective is a noble one.

    A Social Contract

  • It is this strong broadcasting system, together with respect for the values I have described today, that will ensure a bright future not only for our industry but for the "Canadianness" of our culture.

    Creating Value in a Competitive Media Industry

  • "These individuals are part of Western society, and their 'Canadianness' makes detection more difficult.

    Islam's Nowhere Men

  • I did get in my point that if there was a distinct Canadian SF movement I must have missed the memo, because I don't see myself as part of it or the kind of SF I write as being distinctive in its Canadianness, though I hope it's distinctive in simply having come from me.

    Denvention: Day 3

  • To my fellow Canadians: try to be just a little less condescending ( "The Americans have finally come to their senses!") and sanctimonious: it sometimes seems Not Being American -- along with socialized medicine, however badly it operates -- is all that defines some people's Canadianness.

    Election thoughts

  • The simple fact that we are debating the “Canadianness” of the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada is a victory for Conservatives.

    A decisive, patriotic Canadian, able to deal with tough economic times - Inkless Wells -

  • Blogging Tory Russ Campbell has a number of splendid ideas for all those darkies who manage to pass the Russ Campbell Purity Test for Canadianness:

    They're so adorable when they're being racist.

  • I love CanLit and have read in and around it for years now, so a book which mines the "Canadianness of Montgomery's writing" was a must.

    48 entries from October 2007

  • So, of course, my Canadianness overtook me in the face of this recently displaced spider and any possible doubts with regard to my nationality were forever removed.

    Proof That I Am A Canadian Through And Through Who May Also Have Had A Past Life As A 19th Century Three-Year-Old


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