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  • adj. Of, or relating to the Canary Islands, its inhabitants or culture
  • n. An inhabitant of the Canary Islands


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  • Which leads me nicely to my newest new potato experience, namely Canarian Wrinkled Potatoes or

    Secret Tenerife

  • The Canarian air was magically soporific, even for a teething baby, but if you're likely to bore of a relaxed swim-read-snooze routine, there's a wide, buggy-friendly promenade a five-minute walk away.

    Summer holidays: 10 best places for under-fives

  • But the replacement has beenby golf courses - environmental horrors on an island where water has always been scarce - and chintzy five-star old Canarian resorts.

    Ravines of Tenerife

  • During my preparations he had been generous with words of sensible advice, and now he came to the dock bearing gifts—a spare power inverter that I had asked him to get for me, five bars of Ritters chocolate rum, raisin, and hazelnut flavor, now slightly melting in the Canarian sunshine, and a homemade Christmas pudding.

    Rowing the ATLANTIC

  • Through colonization, the endemic Stemmacantha cynaroides is the only Canarian representative of a taxon found in the Atlas Mountains.

    Teide National Park, Spain

  • Overall the climate of gentle winters and dry summers is mellowed by the cold Canarian current but a thermal inversion and the mountain's height isolates it from marine influences, and Las Cañadas has a harsh climate; freeze-thaw processes near the summit create active periglacial forms.

    Teide National Park, Spain

  • Apart from terrestrial species, there are important populations of cetaceans living year-round in Canarian seas.

    Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests

  • Some of these Canarian endemic plants are Bystropogon plumosus, Aeonium spathulatum, Asparagus plocamoides, Tolpis laciniata and Teline sp.

    Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests

  • Canarian endemic pine forests (Pinus canariensis) are found almost at sea level in southern areas but in the northern parts of the islands are found from 1,200 to 2,400 m in elevation.

    Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests

  • A variety of factors can be identified as threatening problems for Canarian biota and habitats, causing habitat loss and directly or indirectly menacing local species.

    Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests


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