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  • adj. Of, from or relating to Canberra.
  • adj. Of, from or relating to the Australian Capital Territory.
  • n. A native or inhabitant of Canberra (Australia).
  • n. A native or inhabitant of the Australian Capital Territory.


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Canberra +ā€Ž -an


  • Rogers had been one of the early pacesetters, the Canberran setting 1: 00: 34 to sit in the hot seat, although with most of the bigger favorites still to race he was eventually pushed down into fifth.

    Cancellara wins fourth world time trial title

  • Then again, this is a Canberran person speaking and things are especially cushy here for a lot of us.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Because iā€™m hell busy.

  • If you're not Canberran, you'll need to make copies of all entries and playtest all of them bit task

    July 14th, 2009

  • Late reply is late, but I am Canberran so I look forward to the suggestion.

    Shellshock 2 Banned In Australia

  • I found myself looking across the foyer every few minutes and seeing another and another and yet another Canberran.

    Even in a little thing

  • Canberran does not have the same kind of expectation as Evans, having never finished on the podium.

    The Age News Headlines

  • Former leader of the Australian Liberal Party Malcolm Turnbull announces his resignation as the Federal Member for Wentworth, and posts a poignant farewell to Canberran politics.

    The Orstrahyun

  • At the same time government parking at Civic and other town centres rose to between $5.50 and $7 as part of an initiative to wean Canberran commuters away from their cars.

    The Canberra Times - Front Page

  • CoralCorp manager of projects Robert Barr, a former Canberran, said the Boatshed was an iconic meeting point in the same tradition as the clock at Sydney's Central Railway Station.

    The Canberra Times - Front Page

  • Federal Government as well as public servants themselves is that despite the obfuscations of the truth about Open Government being handed down by some politicians, many Canberran public servants are genuinely committed to the policy and have been agitating for this sort of thing for years.

    ZDNet Australia


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