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  • n. Genitive form of Cancer used when naming stars, such as α Cancri.


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  • 55 Cancri is located 41 light-years away in the constellation Cancer and has nearly the same mass and age as our sun.

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  • 2005/11/29 Itsy Bitsy Solar System (Artist´s Concept) - This artist´s conception compares a hypothetical solar system centered around a tiny "sun" (top) to a known solar system centered around a star, called 55 Cancri, which is abo - Articles related to FiTting method to face global warming

  • Now, 17 years later, thanks to advancing means of astronomical detection, we are fairly certain of more than 300 “exoplanets,” including a five-planet system that orbits star 55 Cancri in the constellation Cancer, 41 light-years away.

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  • But there may be moons in orbit around Cancri f or rocky planets within Cancris Goldilocks Zone where liquid water could exist on the surface.

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  • Named Cancri b, it is the size of Jupiter and orbits close to the star.

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  • In 2002 two more planets Cancri c and Cancri d were discovered; in 2004 a fourth planet, Cancri e, which is the size of Neptune and takes just three days to orbit Cancri A.

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  • Cancri A is an older and dimmer star than our Sun, and astronomers calculate that its habitable zone lies between 0.5 AU and 2 AUs away from it, which puts Cancri f in a good position!

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  • Astronomers in California have been monitoring 55 Cancri for more than twenty years to make these discoveries.

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  • The shape was approaching them along the dark side of the ravine, shaded from the rays of the yellow dwarf star, Cancri A.

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  • The fifth planet, Cancri f, is around half the mass of Saturn and lies in the habitableor Goldilockszone of its star.

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