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  • proper n. The man historically credited with the invention of the first writing system in China.
  • proper n. The Cangjie method (also spelled Changjei method) is an input method for entering Chinese characters into a computer, developed in 1976. Although initially based on the Traditional Chinese characters, it has since been expanded to support both Cangjie and the Simplified Chinese character set.


From Mandarin 倉頡 / 仓颉 (cāngjié) (Wiktionary)


  • Pinyin (romanization) to input Chinese characters, with the remaining tiny handful using a shape-based system such as Cangjie or a stylus to write them on a pad or window.

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  • Another misogynistic story tells of how Cangjie was kicked out of his house when his wife's two sisters came for a visit, which caused him to create the logogram for "rape" out of three pictograms of "woman".

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  • In terms of more historical "word" formation, there is a rich set of accounts of the legendary "Cangjie", to whom the creation of written Chinese is attributed.

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  • It includes Zhuyin and Cangjie, two dominant input methods for

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  • Both of those who used Cangjie were from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and a couple of respondents from Taiwan said that they used bopomofu (Zhuyin Fuhao), a phonetic inputting system somewhat reminiscent of

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